Whether you are planning a family excursion to the lake for the weekend or taking that well-deserved extended vacation away from Fort Wayne, an RV rental from ABC Auto Van & RV Rental may be just what you need to make your trip a memorable one. There are many reasons to rent an RV. We’ve chosen our top three. 

RV Rental and ABC Van Rental

Money Saver

When planning for a vacation, the cost of accommodations can often suck the joy out of the process. Our affordable rates can help remove the stress from the planning and leave you a few extra dollars in the bank to spend on those important family experiences. We have a wide-selection of pop-up campers and motorhomes so you can pick what works with your budget.

Comfortable and Cozy

When you travel to a new destination, it’s nice to know you have a comfortable place to be when you need to rest at the end of a fun-filled day. An RV is like a home away from home, and with amenities such as a full or partial kitchen, cozy beds, and a comfortable living space, you are sure to feel at ease on your trip. We even offer air-conditioned pop-up rentals, which is a rare feature.

No Hassle Accommodations

Instead of relying on staged hotel images and reviews to plan where you will stay, you can work with our trusted representatives to choose the RV that fits your needs. You know what your accommodations will look like before you even reach your destination, and that takes the hassle and uncertainty out of a much-needed trip. The process is simple, and that’s how it should be. 

If you are planning your vacation, let ABC Auto Van & RV Rental help you pick the RV that is right for you. We also offer 12- passenger van rentals, car rentals, and more. Contact us online for a free quote, or call us today at (800) 862-1474 to make a reservation for your summer vacation.