If you’re planning a summer or fall trip with a small group, renting a 12-passenger van rental from ABC Auto Van & RV Rental makes both logical and fiscal sense. You’ll save time and money with one of our well-maintained and spacious 12-passenger vans. Whether you’re traveling with extended family, a group of friends, your church youth group, or any other small group, you’ll enjoy these benefits and more with our comfortable and spacious van rentals.

Traveling with a Group? Rent a Spacious 12-Passenger Van

Space to Spread Out

Keep bad attitudes and tension among family and friends at bay with the space a 12-passenger van has to offer. Our van rentals provide plenty of room for luggage, equipment, and coolers, as well as room for passengers. Siblings can have the extra room they need to spread out and have their own space. Adults can take advantage of the extra capacity and enjoy a comfortable cat nap while waiting to arrive at their destination. 


Rather than carpooling in multiple vehicles, save time and money with one of our 12-passenger van rentals. You’ll save time by keeping the crew all together and not having to wait for anyone to catch up. You’ll also save money by paying for gas for one vehicle rather than for five or six. 

Travel Together

A van rental allows your group to stay together, which makes it convenient – but also fun! Friends can sit together and play games. Adults can enjoy some quiet conversations. When you stop for a break at a rest area or for a meal at a restaurant, it’s much easier to keep track of everyone with only one vehicle to account for.

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