When planning a vacation near South Bend, IN, or attending a business conference out of town, you need a reliable yet affordable car rental to get you safely to your destination. Look no further than the car rentals at ABC Auto Van & RV Rental! With our affordable rates and well-maintained vehicles, you’ll be glad you rented with us. Experience the following four benefits and more when you reserve a rental from ABC.

4 Benefits of Renting a Car from ABC

1. Affordable Prices

Rental cars are the most affordable vehicles of our entire rental inventory. Not only are they cheaper to rent than our minivans or passenger vans, but they also use much less gas, which means more money stays in your wallet. We also offer discounts for customers who are renting on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. Comfortable Seating

When there are only one or two passengers, a car rental offers spacious and comfortable seating at an inexpensive price. Don’t spend more money on a larger vehicle when a smaller car will work just fine. We find many individuals traveling for business or couples spending a weekend away reserve our car rentals. They offer room for travelers, along with trunk space for luggage, business equipment, or shopping bags.

3. Less Risk to Your Personal Vehicle

If you have a newer vehicle that you’d like to keep in top-notch condition, consider renting a car from us during your next road trip. Save your family vehicle from unnecessary wear and tear on those long dusty journeys. 

4. Out-of-State Travel

At ABC, we allow all of our rental vehicles to travel outside of the state of Indiana. Maybe you’re heading out east on a family vacation, down south to Florida for spring break, or out west to explore the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park. Whatever your reason for traveling out-of-state, you’ll be ready for adventure in a car rental from ABC.

Reserve a Car Rental Today

We offer fast service with a smile every time you rent from us. Contact ABC Auto Van & RV Rental today at (800) 862-1474, or request a quote online. We also provide several other vehicle rentals such as conversion vans, cargo vans, motorhomes, and popup campers.