Cargo vans offer the convenience of an enclosed space for transporting a number of items and goods. From furniture to customer deliveries to sports equipment, a cargo van rental from ABC Auto Van & RV Rental provides both the space and safety you need for hauling valuable items. If you find yourself in the following situations, consider renting one of our well-maintained cargo van rentals.

4 Reasons to Rent a Cargo Van

1. Moving to a New Home or Office

Are you relocating to a new home or office in the Fort Wayne area? Then you may benefit from one of our cargo van rentals. They feature plenty of room for small desks, large file cabinets, desk chairs, and other office equipment. When moving the contents of your home, you can easily transport packed boxes, living room furniture, end tables, and even appliances like your washer and dryer.

2. Delivering Goods to Customers

Are there times you need to make extra deliveries to customers? Maybe the Christmas season is a busy season and you could use the extra set of wheels. A cargo van rental from ABC Auto offers room for two passengers, as well as plenty of space for hauling goods and merchandise to your loyal customers.

3. Moving Furniture

If you’re purchasing new furniture and don’t own a truck, a cargo van works great for delivering the new furniture to your home or office. Whether it’s a desk, bookshelf, couch, recliner, or table and chairs, a cargo van will definitely get the job done safely for both you and your new furniture.

4. Transporting Sports Equipment

Are you taking the family on an outdoor adventure or driving your daughter’s sports team to their annual championship game? A cargo van can haul all the miscellaneous equipment you need to bring with you. From bicycles to kayaks to sports equipment, as well as coolers and luggage, our vans provide the space you need in order to enjoy your vacation or sports game.

Request a Quote Now

Request a quote today for one of our cargo van rentals by contacting us at (800) 862-1474. If you need to move people instead of equipment, consider renting a car, minivan, or passenger van. For your annual camping trip in the Fort Wayne area, reserve one of our motorhomes or popup camper rentals.