Group Travel TipsYou’re in charge of planning the big trip—your son’s band and choir tour, the church women’s group annual retreat, or maybe even your extended family’s trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. No matter what type of group trip you’re planning, it’s easy to get lost in the details. However, at ABC Auto Van & RV Rental, we do know one decision that could help make your travel plans a bit easier: a passenger van rental. When you’re traveling as a group, trying to caravan in multiple cars or minivans can be a hassle. Inevitably, someone is going to get separated from the pack. The best alternative is to have as many people possible in the fewest vehicles possible, and a passenger van is built for group travel. Just consider some of the benefits:
  • Fit anywhere from 12 to 15 passengers into one vehicle comfortably.
  • Have room to store luggage or other essentials you need to bring along.
  • Save on fuel costs when you don’t have to take multiple vehicles.
  • Bond together as a group, and create memories while on the road.
At ABC Auto Van & RV Rental, we have a reliable and affordable fleet of passenger van rentals that have been used by church groups, sports teams, school clubs, and more in the greater Fort Wayne, IN, area. You can choose from either a 12-passenger or a 15-passenger model, depending on your needs. Each van rental in our fleet has been well-maintained and comes equipped with automatic transmission, stereo with CD player, air conditioning, and more. And if your group loves your passenger van experience, you can talk with us about the possibility of purchasing one for your group or large family. We sell pre-owned vans, RVs, and other vehicles that have been well taken care of and fully inspected and serviced by our own team of auto mechanics. To find out more about your passenger van options, contact ABC Auto today at (260) 657-5122, or request a quote online.   photo credit: public domain via pixabay