RVing across the country with your family or friends is a unique vacationing experience that’s on the bucket list for many people. Whether you’re ready to tackle the country or not, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit with an RV rental in Indiana. Clifty Falls State Park is a must-see destination when camping with your rental. ABC Auto Van & RV Rental offers motorhomes and pop up camper rentals that are sure to make you feel at home while you’re on the road. Location Clifty Falls State Park is located in Madison, Indiana. From ABC Auto Van & RV Rental’s site near Fort Wayne, it is less than a 4-hour drive to the state park, where your camping vacation begins. Clifty Falls Hiking
Photo Credit: www.IN.gov
With a variety of difficulty levels, you can’t get bored while hiking at Clifty Falls. Trails range from easy to very rugged and also range in length. Many trails are a mile or less, while a few of the difficult trails are three or four miles. You’ll have magnificent views from the trails, so it’s a great idea to bring your camera. One trail will guide you to an observation tower that overlooks the Ohio River and along a canyon wall. Some trails include steep staircases while others feature an open, grassy field. Camping Rates Full Hookup: Sun-Wed: $26 Thur-Sat: $36 Holiday Weekends: $40 Electric: Sun-Wed: $19 Thur-Sat: $26 Holiday Weekends: $29 Indiana RV Rental When you need to rent an RV in Indiana, ABC Auto Van & RV Rental is the go-to company. With a variety of motorhomes and pop-up campers to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your vacation. For more information, contact us at 260-657-5122 or 800-862-1474, or request a reservation online. Source: www.in.gov