Traveling for the holidays can be a lot of fun—but it can also feel cramped quickly when you try to cram your family, luggage, presents, and road trip diversions into your car. Instead of toughing it in your sedan, we at ABC Auto Van & RV Rental recommend that you consider getting a van rental. A van rental can make your holiday travel a little easier in many ways. You:
  • Won’t put the miles on your personal vehicle.
  • Will have space for everyone and everything you plan to transport.
  • Can account for gifts you might receive and need to bring home.
  • Will travel comfortably.
Plus, ABC Auto Van & RV Rental of Fort Wayne has many different van rental options from which you can choose:
  • A minivan rental is great for small families, because you can travel comfortably and even collapse the third row for additional storage space.
  • Passenger van rentals—both 12 passenger van rentals and 15 passenger van rentals—offer additional space if you have a larger family or have a heap of presents to bring along.
  • A conversion van rental is a good hybrid between a minivan rental and a passenger van rental, because it offers the comfort of a minivan but can accommodate more passengers and luggage, much like a passenger van rental. Plus a conversion van rental often comes with a TV/DVD combo, which is great for on-the-road entertainment.
Want to learn more about our holiday van rentals or make a reservation? Contact ABC Auto Van & RV Rental today at (260) 657-5122, or request a quote online. We’ll gladly tell you about your van rental options and help you find just the right one to make your holiday travel as smooth as possible.