Fall is upon us! While it might seem a little early to be seeing Christmas trees and decorations on display in Indiana stores (yes…it’s started!), you can never start planning your annual holiday shopping trip too soon. Many people decide to take a day or weekend away to do some Christmas shopping and get some much-needed time away. Chicago is a fantastic destination to consider — out of town but not too far — you can easily get there in a 12 passenger van rental. We at ABC Auto Van & RV Rental enjoy a little holiday shopping just as much as Sally Sidewalk-Sale, so let us help you plan your excursion to the Windy City:
  1. Set your dates first. You will need to decide whether you’re taking a one-day trip or making a weekend out of it. Your group will need to know those dates before individuals can make a decision on whether to attend.
  2. Determine your group’s ideal size. Going shopping with 5 versus 50 people can make a big difference in where you go, how long you stay, and how you get there. Before you put out a sign-up sheet or ask your best friends, know your ideal number of fellow travelers.
  3. Confirm who is coming. RSVPs can be difficult to get, but give your group a firm deadline to tell you Yes or No. Hold them to it so you can begin to make travel arrangements. You may even want to ask for a deposit for the hotel or van rental. Doing so firms up their commitment and gives you the money you need to make reservations.
  4. Reserve a 12 passenger van rental (or two!). Even if you’re traveling with only a couple of friends, you will definitely want to consider renting a passenger van. You’ll be coming home with many packages and shopping bags, and if you’re staying overnight, you’ll also have to account for luggage. If your group is larger (more than 8 people), you may want to consider getting more than one 12 passenger van rental. Just make sure you have friends willing to help drive!
  5. Book hotels early. While waiting until the last minute might give you special deals on some travel sites, you don’t want to risk not finding accommodations for your group. You may be able to save money by calling the hotel directly and asking for a group rate. Be sure to also ask individuals in your group to see whether they are eligible for special discounts; you may be able to book through them and save money.
To get the best 12 passenger van rental rates in the Fort Wayne, IN area, call ABC Auto Van & RV Rental at (260) 657-5122. Our friendly and professional staff will help your group find the best van rental solution for your shopping trip to Chicago. Be sure to also check out our customer reviews online, to see what other groups are saying about renting from ABC Auto Van & RV Rental.