Are you planning a business trip, weekend getaway, or family vacation? Save both time and money with a vehicle rental from ABC Auto Van & RV Rental. Not only will you keep your personal vehicle from experiencing damage from a long road trip, you will also save your vehicle hundreds, maybe thousands of miles of travel. Consider these four reasons for renting a car in the Indianapolis area the next time you are planning a road trip adventure.

4 Reasons a Car Rental Is the Best Option for Your Next Road Trip

1. Space for Everyone

A rental car is perfect when you’re planning a weekend getaway or a day-trip with extended family or a group of friends. Rather than taking two separate cars, you can share one vehicle. This allows you to experience the entire road trip together, from start to finish. It also helps you save money on gas purchases for two vehicles.

2. Less Mileage Used

Save your own personal vehicle from unnecessary wear and tear with a car rental. Maybe you have an older car and you want to be extra careful with the amount of mileage that is added. Our vehicles are dependable, trustworthy, and maintained by our on-site mechanics. Rest assured that your vehicle will get you to your destination safely.

3. More Storage

For vacations or business trips that last a week or longer, a vehicle rental can offer plenty of storage for all of your personal luggage. If you own a smaller car that will make the long trip ahead feel like you’re packed in like a can of sardines, our mid-size car rentals offer plenty of space to keep you comfortable during your journey.

4. Save on Gas Expenses

If you’re traveling with another couple or with other family members, taking one vehicle allows you to save money on gas expenses. Both parties will save on gas, wear and tear, added mileage, and extra maintenance that may have been required if you were to take two vehicles rather than share a rental car.

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