Conversion Van RentalYou’ve got a big trip planned. You’ve mapped out your course across the country, stopping at some of the most iconic and interesting destinations across the United States. The only thing you’re missing is a van rental. As you consider your options, our crew at ABC Auto Van & RV Rental urges you to consider the benefits of choosing a conversion van for your cross-country vacation.

1. Comfortable seating

When it comes to long-distance travel, you cannot beat the comfort of a conversion van. Our fleet includes features like captain seats, leather reclining seats that include a lumbar support system, and even a reclining sofa bed in the back. Whether you’re traveling with kids, friends, or other family members, everyone is bound to enjoy the journey. You can choose from 7-, 9-, 12-, or 15-passenger models.

2. Storage capacity

If you’re going on a big adventure, you’re likely taking several things along for the ride. You’re going to need plenty of storage space, and a conversion van has just that.

3. On-board entertainment

One of the top reasons people choose a conversion van rental is that it comes equipped with a TV and DVD player as well as a radio and CD player with auxiliary inputs to play music from your own devices. No matter how far you travel, you’re bound to hear fewer “are we there yets” when your passengers are able to watch or listen to whatever they like en route. With a conversion van from ABC Rental, the journey can become just as fun as the destination. ABC Auto Van & RV Rental is one of Indiana’s top providers of vans, cars, and RVs for all the major trips in your life. Based near Fort Wayne, IN, we’re easily accessible throughout northern and central Indiana. Call us today to find out more about how your cross-country adventure is bound to be more relaxing and enjoyable with one of our van rentals. To find out more or to make a reservation, contact us at (260) 657-5122, or request a quote online anytime.   photo credit: Empty Road in American West via license