family vacationSchool is almost out for the year, which means that vacation season is upon us! Most of us are ready for a bit of a break, for a chance to relax and enjoy the change of pace. As you make your travel plans, consider these few travel necessities, brought to you from our team at ABC Auto Van & RV Rental of Indiana.

1. Travel Snacks

You can avoid countless stops and minimize excessive spending by packing a snack pack for on the road. We’ve found it helpful to have a tub, basket, or travel cooler stocked with water bottles, fruit, veggies, and a few easy-to-eat snacks like granola bars, pretzels, and so on. Be sure to also have a few sweet treats for when you need that extra little boost to keep on road trippin’.

2. On-Board Entertainment

For everyone’s sake, make a plan for how you’ll keep you and everyone else in your minivan sane during the trip. Pack books (either in print or in audio version), movies (if you have an in-vehicle DVD player), and music. If you have kids in tow, you may want to pack a special backpack just for them. Throw in some coloring books and crayons, small toys that travel easily, games, and maybe even a special new toy just for the occasion. (If you have kiddos, you know how a new toy can divert their attention much longer. It may be worth the few extra bucks.)

3. Minivan

If you don’t own a minivan, seriously consider renting one for your family vacation. We know you may not need a minivan on a normal day, but with all the extra luggage and travel toys, you’re going to need the added space. Plus, everyone will travel better when they have more room to stretch out and get comfortable. Hopefully, that translates into fewer “are we there yets” from the backseat. To reserve your van rental for your family vacation, contact ABC Rental of Ft. Wayne, IN, today at (260) 657-5122, or fill out our online reservation request form. photo credit: Family time on #AmericasBestBeaches. via photopin (license)